Celebrate 4/20 With Stylish Weed Accessories

Cannabis has came a long way to develop into a huge “something”, and this “something” just wasn’t what you could properly call an industry. However, people now have a million ways to consume cannabis and business people are making money out of this beneficial plant through creativity.

As a cannabis lover, here are some fashionable weed accessories that can elevate your smoking experience and show some green pride.

 Slide Lighter

weed accessories USB slide lighter for cannabis

 This rechargeable, fuel-free lighter is sleek, colorful, and convenient. No flame is needed as the USB charger heats the inner coil to help you light up in style. This accessory combines aesthetics, safety, and functionality which makes you smoke in a chic way.

24K Gold Rolling Papers

herb stash jar

These shiny gold rolling papers will make your friends go like DAMN!
You’ll feel dumb using normal rolling papers after you’ve tried out these shiny sheeny gold papers. Now pass your pal a big gold joint and enjoy the party.

Cannalolo Vacuum Herb Stash Jar

smell proof weed container herb stash jar

  Any cool accessories can enhance your 420 experience. However, where is the fun if you don’t have fresh greens in the first place? Cannalolo protects your buds with vacuum, smell proof, and UV prevention. Air can be extracted from the herb stash jar within 3 seconds to prevent your dope from being harmed by oxygen.