weed storage glass stash jars

High Quality Weed Storage | Smell Proof Vacuum Containers

Getting the right 420 jar is important for anyone who smokes any cannabis product and cares for their bud. The reason why weed stash jars are needed is because it keeps the freshness of the bud, and prevents the herb from drying out. 

 To store your cannabis, you need to control several factors:

✔ Light –  direct sunlight causes degradation to marijuana flower
✔ Heat – can cause degradation of THC 
✔ Humidity – damp atmosphere can cause mold growth
✔ Airflow – exposure to oxygen can cause marijuana to lose potency

Why we love it:

  • Is smell proof
  • Is moisture proof
  • Portable and travel sized
  • Sleek design
  • Is able to extract air in 3 seconds
  • Creates vacuum seal
wee storage smell proof vacuum containers