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Why Is Drying and Curing Cannabis Important?

The best cannabis requires premium genetics, careful cultivation, precise pruning, and timely trimming. BUT, a proper, slow-and-steady curing process is the key to producing that flavorful weed.

 Why Dry and Cure Weed?

→ To prevent MOLD⚠

Mold and mildew are what you should keep an eye on during cannabis curing and storage. Don’t end up with buds that are weak in potency and lack flavor.

All food curing methods have the same goal: remove bacteria for long-term storage. Proper curing stops the degradation process and preserve the vital flavors and nutrients of cannabis.

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How to Cure Your Buds

Step 1 – Trim away extra leaves from your buds and hang the plants upside down in a dark place.

Step 2 – Keep the environment’s humidity between 45 – 55% using a hygrometer to monitor.

Step 3 – after 1-2 weeks smaller stems should slowly break/snap off. Remove them from larger stems and be ready to place them in weed storage containers.

Step 4 – Find a vacuum sealed weed storage jar that can protect your buds

Step 5 – Removes excess moisture and oxygen by drawing it out from the cannabis storage jar. How to get air out in 3 seconds

Taking the time to properly cure and store your buds is the KEY that earn you awesome tasting weed!