The First and Only Stash Jar that takes 3 seconds to get air out

Cannalolo- The stash jar that vacuums within 3 seconds!
No energy needed

Good cannabis deserves good storage. For your precious weed to remain potent for long term, common sense is to keep cool, keep dark, and extract moisture to discourage mold. Have you ever seen or tried a stash jar that can actually extract air and moisture?

cannabis storage vacuum sealed container
How to get air out of Cannalolo stash jar

Cannalolo is the new developed vacuum sealed container that is able to get air out of the stash jar in 3 seconds. The double layer stash jar has a patented special structure that does not require power to vacuum. Draw the lid 3-4 times, air is all pumped out of the jar. With no extra oxygen and moisture, your buds can be kept fluffy, potent, and aromatic in Cannalolo for long periods.