Great innovation from a small idea: a new Vacuum Air Valve Technology

From home to change the world, Vacuum air valve redefinition

About a decade ago, friend gave Brady Arabica coffee beans, when he wanted to taste, the coffee beans were full of inferior oil smell because the air entered the bag. After many reserch attempts, At the time, airtight technology was not matured and frustrated, Brady started to form a simple innovative idea in his mind. According to the statistics of the International Coffee Association, if the coffee is improperly stored, it will produce toxins in seven days.
This kind of crisis is hidden in coffee shops. convenience chain stores even hand-made beans …etc.

We suddenly realized that our simple innovative ideas may bring great changes to the world. Since then, we have begun a journey to change the world via a new vacuum valves technology.

People don’t buy what we do, They buy why we do it.

Founded in 1996, iDearite Co., Ltd has more than 20 years experience in plastic injection and engaged in international trade of vacuum storage containers. We have invested quite large amount of money on R&D , and did a lot of upgrade on designing since 2006. Eventually, we have won IF, Red Dot and G-mark awards. Since 2010, iDearite has been developing DIY Air Valves for bag usage. After three years’ development, we officially launched DIY vacuum valve for bag usage in 2014. In 2016, we launched a DuckBill valve, which is integrated all functions of single exhaust, fast pumping, reverse choke. In 2018, we launched a new patented vacuum container with new style integrated hidden pump.

Our Advantage

  • More than 23 years experience in vacuum storage industry.
  • Great lengths to protect intellectual property and designs- patents awarded in many countries including US, Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.
  • Close cooperation with varied industrial field in OEM and ODM.
  • Innovative market-facing  approach  to product  design.
  • Received several awards from  world-renowned industrial  design organizations such as iF, Red-Dot and G-Mark.
  • ISO9001 and SEDEX certified factory In-house and LFGB accredited laboratories equipped.

LFGB accredited laboratories equipped, Great lengths to protect intellectual property and designs- patents awarded in many countries.

We design our products and distribute worldwide with our own brands:


Ultimate Sneaker Protection and Preservation


Glass Lunch Containers


Vacuum Smell Proof Container for Cannabis Storage


Vacuum Food Storage Containers


Fermenter Vacuum Lids for Mason Jars


Reusable Sous Vide Kit with Manual Pump

New players who changed the game:
Cannalolo is designed with integrated hidden air- pump device

Are you sure your buds have been kept potent?
Cannalolo is theNew smell proof container that provides the ideal condition for storing weed.

Suitable for marijuana, coffee, tea and many others preservation applications.
Easy to operate, 3 seconds to get air out. 

We intend the design to achieve a delicate balance between aesthetics and function.