Product Knowledge and Maintenance

How do I know when full vacuum has been achieved?

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How do I open Vacuumsaver product under vacuum status?

To open Vacuumsaver, simply side push the air valve to release air into Vacuumsaver products

Is Vacuumsaver good for marinating or pickling food?

Yes. Vacuumsaver product can help marinate foods and speed up the process in minutes because vacuum pressure help to open up the pores of the food itself and absorb sauce more quickly.

Is Vacuumsaver recyclable?

Yes. All Vacuumsaver products are manufactured from the materials are able to be recycled.

Can I defrost foods while they are still in the Vacuumsaver?

Yes, however, you need to defrost all perishable foods in the refrigerator first.
Never leave any perishable foods at room temperature, while they are still vacuum stored.
Please note that the foodstored in Vacuumsaver is for lasting freshness purpose only, not for sterilization.

Can I store food products in Vacuumsaver without putting them in the refrigerator?

It is recommended to always store foods at the temperatures that are the best for them whether in Vacuumsaver or not.
For example – dry foods such as cereals, bread, biscuits, etc. can be stored in Vacuumsaver at room temperature for lasting freshness, but other fresh items such as meats, salads, vegetables, cream cakes, etc.
will stay fresh in Vacuumsaver when it is placed in the refrigerator.

How to maintain vacuum-seal in good condition for long term?

Always keep the valve and gasket clean.
For example: DO NOT pour powder into Vacuumsaver directly.
Place powder in a bag first, then place into Vacuumsaver for storage.

How long do vacuum stored products retain their freshness?

The preservation periods depend on the initial freshness of the products, the way it is prepared and whether the Vacuumsaver is used correctly or not.
Stored products should, in any case, be consumed before any expiry date stated on the package.

Is any regular maintenance required?

Clean and dry Vacuumsaver thoroughly when not in use.

How do I clean the vacuum-seal?

The silicone gasket and valve may be removed for cleaning if necessary,
DO NOT use sharp objects to remove either the silicone valve or the gasket.

How many days could the vacuum extend in Vacuumsaver?

Under normal and correct using condition, vacuum could be kept at an average of 3-15 days or even longer, variedly depends on how much air has been pumped out from the container.
A change in air pressure, temperature, or long period of storage will reduce the vacuum pressure as normal results.
Simply pump it again to keep vacuum seal.

What’s the benefit of Vacuumsaver compared to conventional vacuum container and airtight container?

Vacuumsaver is with multi-function features. It is airtight and liquid-tight itself for daily use and equipped with extra bonus vacuum function to apply for lasting freshness. Its neat design makes product easy maintenance and user friendly.
Furthermore, it has cost effective advantage compared to many other vacuum food storage containers in the market.

Can all Vacuumsaver products be used safely in microwave, dishwasher and freezer?

It depends on varied material used on each Vacuumsaver.
Please follow the symbol signs on our instruction manual, packaging, or symbol guide marked on the product itself for proper use.

Why the buckles on some Vacuumsaver products become loose after air pumping?

It’s just a normal physics phenomenon.
After pumping air out of the container, the container would be shrunk a little bit under vacuum pressure, and sometimes caused the buckles moving from their original places. After releasing vacuum pressure, the buckles will return to their normal tightness.