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A Better Grip is the Key to Open Ball Mason Jars

In fact with standard commercial jars, improving your grip may be all that you need to do to open that pesky jar

  1. Rubber Gloves
    tips for opening a stuck canning jar
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    This is by far the most successful way to get a good grip. You can either use an empty rubber glove like a towel over the wide mouth mason jars or put both gloves on (one to hold the jar and one to open the lid).

  2. Rubber Bands
    stuck jar lid
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    If you don’t have a rubber glove on hand, grab some rubber bands.

    One large or several thin rubber bands wrapped around the ring, this might give you enough gripping leverage to give that ring a good turn and open the stuck lid.

  3.  A Damp Sponge
    mason jar rubber seals
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    A damp sponge does give you just a bit of grip and is better than nothing.

    Note: Hope above tricks do help you opening stuck canning jar lids

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