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Things to Consider Before Buying an Airtight Container 

You should have come across one or more containers that have caught your eyes by now and you might be ready to buy that product for your kitchen, but before that, it is important to know about a few key factors that will ensure that you choose a product that is not only an attractive but is also well-suited to your needs. To know about those factors, you can read the next section of this article, which help you find the container that is a perfect match for you.


Airtight containers can be made of different kinds of materials and it is important to note which kind you are looking for since the material will determine the durability, appearance and food safety of your containers. Plastic food containers are one of the most common types you will find on the market but it is crucial to check whether they are free of toxic elements such as BPA.

The advantages of plastic containers are that they are not brittle like glass, they are easy to clean and they are light. Another common type of containers are glass food storage containers and they appear classier and aesthetically pleasing than plastic and are more scratch-resistant. 

But the problem with glass containers is that they are brittle and heavy. It might seem like a wish-come-true but you can actually have a material that has the appearance of glass but qualities of plastic and this amazing material is called acrylic. Acrylic containers are great because they are lighter than glass and also impact and shatter resistant which means you will have the desired durability of the containers. Since acrylic is a type of plastic, it is also important to check if the acrylic container you are going to buy is BPA and PVC free, to ensure that it is safe to store food products in it.

plastic container


The size of the container is important because food storage containers are used to preserve various kinds of kitchen supplies such as long food products such as spaghetti, small amounts of packed lunch or differing amounts of liquid products such as juice and milk. Many of the containers that we have introduced in this article come in sets of varying sizes, which is a great advantage if you require versatility in the size of your containers since one set will have you covered for all different amounts.

food storage containers
food storage containers


The main aspect of the design of an airtight container lies in the lid because it is the lid that will ensure if it is sealed tightly enough to stop the passing of air in and out of the container. The lids of some containers have a push-button on top which you can push to seal the lid and push again to open it.Other types have a ring that makes the silicone gasket around the lid to expand when it is flipped down so that no air can pass through. One thing to note is that most of the canister-type containers have lids that cannot be removed completely, which might be easier to close and to open, but might be troublesome when you want to wash your canisters.

Another key aspect of the design is the shape of the container. It can be rectangular or cylindrical and it depends on your preference which one you go for. Most of these containers are designed in a way so that they can be stacked neatly in your pantry, to save space in your storage area. Also, it is useful to opt for transparent container bodies since you can look at the contents without having to open the containers.

various sizes food container
various sizes food container


Now that you have a complete understanding of what to look for when buying a great airtight container and also have a sound knowledge of what kind of containers are available on the market, you are all set to select the best airtight container for your kitchen or pantry and set all your worries aside regarding the preservation and safe storage of all your food supplies.