Why select glass meal prep containers instead of plastic container

If you’re about to make even a small investment in kitchen storage and meal prep containers, the debate between which is better—glass or plastic—probably has landed squarely on your table

But here’s a pointer to ponder: Think about which type of person you are—the type who is content to plunk down an open bag of almonds on a table or the type who empties the almonds in a bowl. If you’re the latter—careful and somewhat fussy—then you’re likely to invest in glass meal prep containers.

I choose glass meal prep containers instead of plastic for several reasons:

  • they are free from chemicals- yes, many plastic containers are BPA free these days, but I’m just waiting for the next chemical to be discovered. Using glass means you don’t have to worry about anything from the containers seeping into your food.
  • they re-heat your food more evenly- glass just conducts heat better.
  • they keep your food fresher- no smells or tastes absorb into your food the way they can from plastic meal prep containers.
  • they are more environmentally friendly- glass meal prep containers last way longer than plastic, and they are more expensive so you are less likely to treat them as ‘disposable’.

I love how durable my glass meal prep containers are…I’ve put mine through the dishwasher, in the freezer, and in the microwave. Some glass meal prep containers are even oven-safe (not the lids), and some can even go directly from the freezer into the oven!

oven safe glass container
Lastly, if a glass meal prep container got a vacuum function to extend freshness, it’s an extra bonus than others. 
I found it here and you may test its function, it’s awesome !
Airtight food storage glass container
Airtight food storage glass container