Understanding Mason Jar Mouth Sizes

To make shopping a little easier, we’ve put together this handy guide to determine what size mouth your Mason jars are.

Mason Jar Mouth Sizes

  • Regular Mouth        2.75 in/7cm
  • Wide Mouth           3.38 in/8.6cm
mason jar sizes
Image from Mason Jar Lifestye

Looking for Mason Jar Sizes?

If you’re buying new Mason jars and aren’t sure which size to get, we highly recommend wide mouth Mason jars. They usually come in larger volume sizes and are more popular, which means there are better accessory and lid options.

wide mouth mason jar sizes
Easy Fermenter -Whoosh

WHOOSH makes product for wide mouth Mason jar sizes, check it out

WHOOSH Fermentation Lids   –available for wide mouth Mason jars only. 

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ball mason jar lids
ball mason jar lids