the mason jar sizes


 Although the sizing is simple, the incredible number of options can make selecting the right one complicated. We outline 4 different Mason jar styles and what we recommend using them for so you know exactly which jars you need! 


Pssssst! Click here if you are not sure how Wide and Regular Mouth sizing works.

16 oz Mason Jars
16 oz mason jars
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24 oz Mason Jars
24 oz mason jars
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28 oz Mason Jars
28 oz mason jars
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32 oz Mason Jars
32 oz mason jars
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64 oz Mason Jars
64 oz mason jars
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Mason Jar Brands Recommend

To be sure you’re buying a real Mason jar, make sure the packaging says “Mason” or “Canning” jar and specifies the mouth size. The safest bet is to buy brand name, like Ball, Kerr, Bernardin or Masontops, and stay away from unlabeled decorative jars that may not be intended for kitchen use.

Lids We Recommended

WHOOSH makes product for wide mouth Mason jar sizes, check it out

WHOOSH Fermentation Lids   –available for wide mouth Mason jars only. 

Use mason jars with WHOOSH to organize your kitchen from now on!