What is Sous Vide Cooking? Here is What You Need to Know.

Sous-vide cooking is a trendy way to cook—from professional chefs to home cooks, everyone is doing it or attempting to do it. But it takes a little knowledge to get the technique down right before you get great results using this method.


What is Sous Vide

Sous vide is a cooking technique that heats food with water. Here’s how it works. Food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooked in a temperature-regulated water bath. The food cooks evenly because it is surrounded by water, not air. This method of cooking makes for flavorful, nutritious, and tasty food. Once you understand the basics, it’s not hard to do, and the results can be restaurant-quality success every time.

sous vide cooking

The first one is an immersion circulator. Just place this device in a pot filled with water, you’re ready to start. It’s compact, so it won’t take up much space.

Plus, you’ll need to put your food in a vacuum-sealed bag. You can purchase an expensive vacuum sealer, which will do an excellent job of removing all air from the bag, but it’s more money to shell out. Luckily, there’s another option that doesn’t cost a thing. Zipcca sous vide starter kit which you can put your food in a bag and seal it vacuumed in seconds. Easy to use and no power is needed. How cool it is.


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