sealing canning jars

Before Sealing Canning Jars Please Read This First

Many are familiar with using mason jars storage as a kitchen organizational tool, reusable container and lids for fermentation.

Isn’t It Hard to Open a Metal Flat Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid?

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After quite a time, it becomes a little bit vacuum inside the jar, will be not easy to break the vacuum seal. Imagine that you’ll need a butter knife blade to lift off lid from Mason jar, isn’t this inconvenient and dangerous?

sealing canning jars
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No Knife Needed!

For your safety, WHOOSH will be a perfect wide mouth mason jar lids for you.

mason jar storage lid

*Patented Air Valve allows auto air exhaust
*No hinge, TPR material makes the lid easy to twist on and off, no more butter knife needed.
Use mason jars with WHOOSH to organize your kitchen and food without hurting yourself!

More DetailWhoosh fermenting lids for wide-mouth mason jars

whoosh mason jar lids