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How To Select The Best Glass Food Storage Container

When it comes to packing lunch or storing leftovers, glass containers are always a reliable choice; their nonporous nature means the material won’t absorb tastes, odors, or bacteria. But some containers are more durable and leak-proof than others. So, what should you think about when you’re shopping for the best glass food storage containers?

You’ll want first to consider the type of glass the containers are made from. Typically, borosilicate glass will be the best option for food storage because it’s durable and heat-resistant. Its temperature resistant is 420 degree. It’s microwave and oven safe. Tempered glass is another popular option that offers more resistance to cracking and breaking than other types of glass. However, its heat resistant is only 120 degree, microwave safe, but not over safe.

oven safe glass lunch containers
oven safe glass lunch containers

And when it comes to lids, the types that snap or latch down tend to be more airtight than those that simply slip right on. They’ll also be more leak-proof, meaning you won’t have to worry about spills when you take food on-the-go.

Easy care and maintenance

It’s tempting to just leave the lids on when you microwave stuff in your containers. Don’t. No sealed lid benefits from the vacuum effect that happens when you heat your food in the microwave. Abusing the lid in this way can cause it to warp and lose its seal. When you microwave, if you must keep the lid on to prevent splatter, always make sure to loosen the lid completely and set it slightly ajar across the top of the container. An even better option is to use a vented microwave cover or a paper towel over your container when you zap it. Also, if you’re using a microwave with sensor reheat, it won’t work properly unless it can detect the amount of moisture coming off of your food.

Handwashing works fine for most food storage containers. When you’re loading these into the dishwasher, plastic pieces should always go on the top and glass pieces can go on the bottom rack. If the lid has a removable gasket, remove the gasket from time to time and clean it separately from the lid to make sure no mold can grow.

glass containers with lids

If the lid has a removable gasket, remove it using a butter knife. Wash and dry the gasket thoroughly to prevent mold from growing. 

Lastly, think about size and whether you need a large set of pieces with varying capacities or just a few simple containers. And if you can find a set with pieces that nest together or stack on top of one another, that will help save space in your cupboards and fridge.

With these factors in mind, I’ve put a recommend of the best glass food storage containers trial set to help you make the right decision for your food-storing needs. They come to 4 pcs containers, 370ml/640ml/1040ml/1520ml.  Really a good starter of a family’s trial purchase. Look into it and see if they fit your requirements.

oven safe glass containers